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Eromabs is dedicated to offering an extensive selection of electronic products. We proudly present an array of items that includes headphones, premium hair dryers, luxury lights, mini drones, Theraguns, headsets, cooking ovens, alarm clocks, speakers, multi-devices, and charging stations. With our user-friendly website at your fingertips, you can conveniently fulfill all your electronic requirements. Browse through our range of products and uncover your preference.

Multimedia collage

  • LED Night Light Starry Sky Projector with Bluetooth Wireless Speaker.

    This LED projector has 15 kinds of water patterns and a green laser gysophila. The water ripple effect can be freely combined in single, two, three, and even four colors. The water ripple effect and laser effect can be projected separately. The remote control controls the color of the water ripple, the speed of the water ripple, the water ripple mode, the Bluetooth mode, the water ripple single control, etc. The projector also includes a built-in bluetooth speaker, heavy bass and high sound quality.

    LED Projector 
  • Three Layer Electric Pizza Bake Oven.

    Electric oven with 3 layers and slots as well as a digital timer included for more accuracy in timing the cooking process. Given that this oven has three layers, you have more room to be able to cook more than one thing at a time. Enhance your cooking experience with this electric oven featuring three layers and slots, along with a digital timer for accurate cooking times. Its ample capacity lets you multitask in the kitchen easily.

    Three Layer Electric Oven. 
  • Portable Speaker with Built-In Subwoofer.

    Portable Speaker with light and wireless built-in subwoofer LED Lights Support EQ Mode Booming Bass Stereo and Indoor Party Speakers for home, camping and travel. This speaker has a built-in lithium battery and a 32 GB extended storage.

    Portable Speaker.